Long Island homeowners understand the changing seasons and the amount of maintenance it takes to keep your home in shape. We offer our services year-round for our clients to meet the landscaping demands for any weather conditions.

Fall Cleanup & Fertilization

PAP Landscape & Design, Inc. is dedicated to keeping your landscape visible during the Autumn Season with our fall cleanup services, including leaf collection, leaf removal, gutter cleaning, and bed blowout. Along with a final lawn cut for the season, we highly recommend our soil fertilization process during the fall season to give your plants an advantage for the following Spring.

Spring Cleanup & Preparation

PAP Landscape & Design knows a healthy landscape starts early Spring Cleanup during March. We begin with the removal of dead leaves, twigs and branches leftover by Winter. After cleanup, we can then prepare your lawn areas for germination and seeding, providing the necessities for your grass and perennials to grow.

Winter Snow Removal & Ice Management

Beat the cold! During the winter season, we offer our snow removal services for residential and commercial areas in Long Island, New York. Our snow plow operators are insured and strategic in dealing with extreme weather conditions. Sufficient snow and ice management is necessary for the safety of homeowners and business owners alike. De-icing driveways, walkways, sidewalks, and parking lots will make the winter season more bearable for everyone.