Professional landscaper and designer Pete A. Poten began P. A. P. Landscape & Design, Inc. over 20 years ago. What began as a part-time business to supplement his income from his primary position at the time, Pete's craft at landscaping became a livelihood that he is both passionate about and proud of. As time passed, his client base was growing as well as his overall interest in the landscaping business. After four years, he decided to make P. A. P. Landscape & Design his primary focus as a full service, year-round company to better suit his clients. As his knowledge of the business grew, so did the company's taking on more complex landscape jobs. To compliment our quality residential landscaping services, P.A.P. also began large commercial maintenance contracts. After 20+ years, P.A.P. Landscape and Design, Inc. offer customers the utmost professional services ranging from the smallest lawn cut to the design and building of a complete backyard.

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