Aerating & De-Thatching

PAP Landscape & Design recommends soil aeration be performed annually to help get enough oxygen, water, nutrients and fertilizer to the root systems in your landscape. Combining aeration and de-thatching reduces the buildup of layers of dead roots that block the live root systems and harbor pesks and insects. Our landscapers are equipped for lawn aeration and de-thatching to help you keep your lawnhealthy and green.

Seeding & Fertilization

With PAP Landscape & Design, timing and preparation is everything for a healthy landscape that will last. Landscape seeding is necessary whether you are starting a fresh lawn or upkeeping an existing lawn. Our overseeding services are useful for maintaining a landscape that withstands weeds and thinning grass. Fertilization helps to balance your soil to promote positive results for your garden and lawn. Correct soil fertilization will ensure proper lawn color, thickness and growth.

Lawn Cutting

A well-groomed lawn is a sign of a happy home! PAP landscapers will cut lawn areas weekly to keep it looking fresh during the growing season. In addition to mowing and edging your grass, the area will also be cleaned to ensue that your lawn and its surrounding are perfect.